Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I actually had this thought today, "I'll be OK once I start eating chocolate". And I was, for a little while. But today was the longest day. Every time I looked at my watch, it was three minutes later than the last time I had looked at it. A four-day weekend looms with mixed feelings. It means two extra days the alarm doesn't go off, but it also means two days I would normally have in my studio but instead will be spent keeping a six-year old from sure boredom without the t.v. on. Oh, who am I kidding? The t.v. will end up on and he will still be bored.

An Amazing People and Deeds Award goes to my neighbor and the father of one of Riley's friends who has offered to take Riley after school each Wednesday from now until June. My regular sitter who is likely not coming back to us after her car accident has left a hole in our hearts and a snafu as far as what to do with Riley after school on one of my regular working days. When this father heard, he gladly offered to take him to his home with his own kids until I can pick him up. It is also a win-win situation for him because his daughter and Riley are apparently going to be married and now they have a guaranteed day in the week they will spend together. But a really generous offer nevertheless. I am very grateful, thank you Peter.


Beth said...

I find chocolate only works as a quick fix – the “high” doesn’t last.
The four day stretch coming up? Mix the days up a bit. Some “Mom and Riley” time (go somewhere – even if it’s just for a walk) and some “Me” time. Less guilt. ;)
As for your neighbour? It’s wonderful when such “angels” appear when we need them most.

Snap said...

Chocolate is another one of those good for the soul things. What a wonderful neighbor! Keep him around! Good things really do happen!

oreneta said...

I had the same response at one point yesterday....chocolate. I had to make do with a cocoa. It was OK....not perfect, but ok.