Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eye On The Prize

Oh, who am I kidding? I can't do this without words. Something very strange happened yesterday. Or maybe it was today. I won something. I still can't believe it. A few days ago I came across a blog called Got Art? and the first post I saw, Sherry was giving away a piece of her mixed media work to the first person who could guess what was the object of a photo close-up she had up. It was a hard one, plenty of people were guessing all kinds of things, my first guess was coffee beans dropping in a glass of milk. It turns out it was a photo of the inside of a cherimoya. Which I got only because someone else had guessed an exotic fruit and then Sherry gave another clue that it began with "ch". I must admit I got a little frantic at one point, shouting out all kinds of exotic fruits that begin with "ch". So it turns out that one of my guesses was right. I think the last thing I won was $5.00 when I was 5 years old - we used to have a kind of lotto based on horse racing and I remember when I won, I had to put the $5.00 in the bank. Now there's a good pastime for 5 year olds - gambling. Look where it got me!


Snap said...

YeeeeeHaaaaw! Good for you!

PS ... love the butterfly on the hyacinth.

PSS. I've often wondered what the big deal about getting older is all about. I wouldn't want to go backward ... I'm getting better. =)

oreneta said...

yeehaawww! That's great you won a prize, it's always fun.

Beth said...

I have won one thing in my life - tickets to a Leaf game when I was about 13. Something to do with the cap from a bottle of Orange Crush. Being a big hockey fan (even then) it was a thrill!
Congrats on your win.

KnittingJourneyman said...

Wow-you got that? That was so cool.

BTW-I am technologically --inept. But if you want a good tutorial on how to use wordpress:
is the best I know to offer. :-)

Good job winning!

sherry lee said...

I love it when I win blog giveaways..there is such a feeling of surprise and joy!! Glad you won the one from Got Art! You never know what will happen ... entering is the first step!