Thursday, April 16, 2009


This morning while I was running around the house getting us ready, Riley was busy working on something. He asked me to spell out "welcome" for him so I did as I raced from room to room, chore to chore. On the way out the door we passed his latest fort, the new and improved one with spy gear and a list of who is allowed in (I'm not on the list, by the way). Nevertheless, this is what I saw at the entrance to the fort:

Man, he cracks me up.

And on another unrelated topic, shouldn't there be guidelines for what constitutes a baby carrot? I pulled this handful out of the bag yesterday while preparing my lunch. The one on the far left, a good five inches long, is, in my humble opinion, hardly a baby. Well, at least I know they aren't those cattle carrots shaved down to resemble the real thing.


oreneta said...

Those carrots are hilarious! The only ones I have ever seen are completely uniform, you must be finding better ones than I am.

Beth said...

Since there’s a welcome mat there, I’d give it a go – knock on the “door” and hope for an invite.

(Thanks for your comment. You are right. I am now “in the throes of dealing with the outcome of the procedure.” I can do it. But, yes, it all seems very surreal right now.)

Kim Mailhot said...

I want a fort with a guest list posted on the front !

(yes, you can be on the list, as long as you don't bring your deformed giant baby carrots to the picnic !;-) )

Have a great weekend !