Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day

What did you do for Earth Day? Sadly, I didn't do anything really remarkable. I drove to work, something I just started doing two weeks ago because it means a little more time at the end of the day with my son and a lot less stress and mingling with the great unwashed on the public transportation system. Time is so valuable to me lately that every little wedge I gain, I relish. At the risk of getting on my high-horse, I didn't go out of my way to celebrate Earth Day because I believe that every day should be recognized as earth day. A couple of years ago I made a concerted effort to change some of my lazier habits. I compost as much as our climate lets me, I gave up plastic sandwich bags in favour of WrapNMats, using plastic containers as well. I use biodegradable garbage bags, biodegradable dog scoopy bags and soaps. I rarely buy small water bottles and if I do I recycle them, actually if recycling isn't available where I am, I will bring whatever I have used home and do the deed here. Every January 1st I look around and see what little bit of my lifestyle I can tweak that, over time, will make a difference. So I don't feel so bad driving my car downtown two days a week or not making a big deal about yesterday. Awhile ago I found this website where you can measure your own carbon footprint. Sadly, they hadn't listed Canada as a starting place, but they do have the USA which was close enough for me.

I did buy a new journal yesterday. My current one is almost done and I like to "live with" a new one before starting in on it. It's one by the company "Paper Blanks". I really like the ones they make, the covers are lovely, the paper is smooth and they stay open when you are writing, which is a biggie for me. They usually have a little pouch at the back and this one has a magnetic closure and one of those skinny, attached, red fabric strips for a bookmark. And very importantly, they use sustainable forest paper. What's not to love?


Beth said...

No guilt about driving and having more time with your son! Sounds like you do more than a great many other people to reduce that carbon footprint of yours.

Lovely journal.

Kim Mailhot said...

Like anything, it is about balancing the good and the bad...this is applying in every aspect of my life right now - change a little to change a lot, go slow to go fast...and don't forget to celebrate and praise yourself for what you have done so that you maintain the change...this works for helping our Earth, our community and ourselves.
Happy Friday and have a great weekend !