Saturday, April 18, 2009


This is what I heard at supper, "Mom, sometimes I like you so much I feel like crying". Yeah, he says that now, until he realizes he has fossils for parents. You see, my idea of a grand Saturday night is just what I am looking forward to tonight. A long hot bath with a book, then into bed with either some BritComs or more of the book, knowing that there is no alarm tomorrow morning.

And speaking of books, I just finished, "Letters from The Dhamma Brothers," by Jenny Phillips. I saw the author on Oprah a number of months ago. Not the Oprah show (not that there is anything wrong with the Oprah show, it's just that I don't watch it with any kind of regularity these days) but on one of her Soul Series podcasts. She was talking about a documentary film she had made introducing a form of meditation called Vipassana, based on the teachings of the Buddha, to the toughest prison in Alabama. The results were astounding. And after reading the book she wrote following making the film, I had great respect for the prisoners who went through the program (ten intensive days comprised of ten hours of meditation, no talking and a special diet) because I wasn't sure I could physically go through it or emotionally go through the gunk that comes up under those circumstances. It gives real hope that rehabilitation is possible, even under dire conditions. It also gives credibility to dedicated meditation, something I have been a believer in for a very long time.

And if you haven't read Coriander's blog in a while (I hadn't because it seemed she had taken a blog-break), she has a couple of new posts up that I almost peed myself reading. Now there is someone who should be writing comedy (maybe she is, come to think of it!) for a living.

Finally, co-incidence or kismet, call it what you will, came in and slapped me upside the head recently. I saw the book, "I Thought It Was Just Me," on some one's blog, perhaps the Queen of Arts. And then I saw it on a few other blogs, including one today, linked from Beth's Books Etc. Last night I was in Chapters shopping for the two birthday parties Riley has lined up and guess what I see in the Bargain Books. Yup, so I bought it because I recognize when the universe is telling me to read a book.


coriander said...

Your Saturday night sounds divine. Thanks for the shout out!

Beth said...

Out of the mouths of babes – treasures for mothers.
“I Thought It Was Just Me” is on my Amazon wish list. One more (positive) review (from you!) and I’ll buy it.

And if you’re a fogey, I’m fogey-er!

Snap said...

Saturday night sounds wonderful ... bliss! Hope you enjoyed your books. I have read several articles in my various *Buddha* magazines about meditation et al in prisons. Interesting stuff.

PS .... Who is a fogey? I must be ... I'm the oldest! And I love fogey!

sherry lee said...

Great blog! A Saturday night with a bath, a book and Britcoms (I love Britcoms!!) sounds about perfect to me.

My copy of "I Thought It Was Just Me" arrived yesterday and it's quite good. Like you, when I discovered it, I knew it was meant for me to read.

My friend Kim at Queen of Arts is already doing the reading along and speaks very highly of it.