Saturday, April 25, 2009

Of Polar Fleece and Generosity

Apparently, my winning streak isn't over. I found this today - more than three times what I found yesterday, today it was at a mini-putt place, a birthday party for a friend of Riley's. Riley asked me to hang around and I liked nothing more than following a motley crew of 20 five and six-year olds wielding iron putters around 18 holes:

Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for (literally) every penny I find but I can't help but think there is some kind of message in this change.

On a totally different subject, I love polar fleece. I also love my dogs, but the two just don't co-exist happily together. I was wondering if companies such as LLBean or Land's End wouldn't make a fortune if they marketed some fleece clothing or blankets in colors more appealing to pet owners. Instead of moss green, lemon creme or ink black, how about chocolate lab, golden retriever or shepherd/collie mix? I have a fabulous black fleece jacket but after a year and a half, I don't dare to wear it outside of the house. I've tried all kinds of things to remove the hair - I buy those sticky rollers at Costco by the flat for goodness sake, but there is only so much hair that will come off. It's held up well to washing and I've really gotten my money's worth as far as the wearing of it goes but there is still an awful lot of life left in it. And I'm willing to spend only so much time rollering myself before I go out the door. Any miracle cures for de-hairing fleece out there?


Snap said...

I love this post. I wonder what the universe is telling you about the found change. As for the hair, I have cat hair on me no matter what. That's just the way of things. Today, it was cat hair and dirt from the garden. Sounds perfect to me!

sherry lee said...

It's all about aren't just looking "ahead", you are looking up and down and sideways and seeing what is there...that's a good thing...opening your awareness to what is around you -- and you are being rewarded (if you ever make fortune cookies and need someone to make up what goes on the slips of paper call me!! lol!!!). I am being serious about being aware though.

A letter to LLBean or Lands End with just that suggestion might be profitable for you as well...remember the message you are getting from the found change...time for change!

coriander said...

More times than I can count, I have arrived somewhere covered in animal dander. Yuck just yuck. You are right, fleece is the worst fabric ever and I have no solutions.

Kim Mailhot said...

Love that the universe is being so generous to you ! You must deserve it !

Polar fleece+1 dog + 2 cats = frustrated, fur covered owner !!! Only thing worse is a microfiber couch that I am stuck with because we only bought it a year ago but that I have to keep covered with a blanket to avoid the fur becoming part of the fabric !!! Argh ! At least those wet noses and big, puppy dog eyes make it kind of worth it, right ?
If anyone gives you a tip, I need it too !
Hope you have an easy and "change-filled" week !