Thursday, April 2, 2009


It was a crazy day. I kept thinking it was Friday and tried to cogitate my Friday haiku. Crazy weather - good - sunny and warm enough by the end of the afternoon to be out in just a fleecy. Evidence:

Riley and his friend walking to the park after school.

I finally got my April quotes on my calendar. My horoscope this morning said it would be a good thing to follow the advice of someone older and/or wiser so I emailed my friend Lynn to see what she could impart to me today. It was so good I used it:

Her contribution is, "Value and give thanks for your precious life every day," and she is in good company with e.e. cummings who also graces my April page with, "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are". These are tulips from my garden last year and I can't wait to see them again. Still only snowdrops right now out there but a neighbor says she has her first crocuses peeking out. And it's official, I saw a robin today. Then all I saw were robins - everywhere - and this, a finch on my feeder. iMan has seen finches there but this was a first for me:

This afternoon I got to unpack my Michael's booty. I had so much fun, remembering all that hand-picked stuff. I have been feeling a little uninspired lately but this will perk me up and get me to kick some artsy butt:

Tim Holz stamps, a couple of other rubber stamps, rub-ons, transparencies, a fine set of tweezers, some beads, Martha Stewart markers (really nice colors) and of course my magazines.

Here's a neighbor of my mother's - living in the waterway behind her Florida condo. I was glad for the zoom lens because I wouldn't want to get this close, even if it is a baby:

And another shot of Riley, same day at the beach, my goodness but I love him:

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Beth said...

Love that picture of Riley and his friend.
And no wonder you were panicked at the thought of losing that great stash of art supplies and books!