Thursday, April 30, 2009


First off, I will say that today was a much easier day than I've seen in a while. Some things fell (potentially) into place, which is to say that some barriers and obstacles that were on my path earlier this week have inched over. But I was whole heartedly tickled to find a comment in my post from this morning from none other than Patti Digh. !!!!! Sorry, but that deserved each and every one of those exclamation points. I've been reading her, "Life is a Verb" for the last ten days or so, finding times when the house is quiet and I can really absorb her words. I was/am going to give it its full due when I have turned the last page but I mentioned the Juan Mann video this morning and how it helped get me off a negative tact I had tried to not be on, but one I found myself stuck with one foot in nevertheless. Her comment will be added to my claim to fame, along with my two published letters to the editor.


Snap said...

Oh No! Now we have to listen your moments of fame! ;D Good for you. I agree ... it is cool to think someone is reading your book in the bath tub! So glad the planets are lining up for you!

Anonymous said...

Hola Kim,
Just stopping by to say hello and let you know things are well with us - thank God!
Renata still has allergies issues but nothing life threatening.
Congratulations on all the good things happening to you!
We send you hugs and sunshine.

Beth said...

Good to see your week ended on a more postive note.
And hearing from an author is such a thrill - a definite claim to fame in my world!

sherry lee said...

I'd be leaving !!!!! too if Patti Digh (or anyone I liked and blogged about) left me a comment. It's not only nice to be thanked, it's the realization that people are reading your blog (other than the ones who leave comments).

Kim Mailhot said...

So cool that you got that comment from Patti Digh - and a great comment it was too ! You should feel multiple exclamation mark excited !

I went and bought the book yesterday. I have been hearing about it all over and a lot from you and Sherry. I felt I should have it as a gift to myself after a yucky week. I have a pile of soul help books going right now but I think it will have to be on top of the pile after spending a few minutes with it yesterday !

Glad things were falling into place more...may the weekend bring you more of the same.