Thursday, April 30, 2009


I managed to squeeze out *e*'s next tag. This one, the question, "what makes me, me?" I loved reading this question when it came out a couple of weeks ago (I'm now only two questions behind) and a few days ago I knew what image I wanted to use. I pulled a photo of a zygote off the www, for the back - the black and white version - I ran it through, I kept the original vibrant colors for the front. The journaling on the back reads, "flesh and bones - habits - conditioning - my past - fears - that little part inside that only I know about - friends - dreams - hope - family - home - what I think and feel when I am alone". I also got to use one of the new stamping alphabet kits I got on vacation, I find the antique style of font works well with the fuzziness of the zygote.

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Snap said...

You got me to go to BeFunky! It's all your fault! :D Think the tag is great ... fun to use all the new *stuff*!