Friday, April 24, 2009

Lucky Pennies

I found this on the sidewalk on the way out of the dermatologist's office this morning:

Two pennies in a zipper bag so small I had trouble opening it. It got me thinking, how weird is this? What is the purpose of putting two pennies in a little bag, especially one so small. I thought maybe it was a little kid's, who had dropped it and is now looking for it or maybe forgot about it completely as they will. One of them is dated the year of Riley's birth so I had to wrestle the bag open to read the date on the second one (to see if it was a message from the gods and goddesses). I still pick up pennies. Obviously! Some people don't think it's worth it, but it's still money to me. Besides, found pennies are supposed to be lucky. Since he was very young, Riley and I always take a few pennies when we go to the mega mall, for throwing in the fountain with a wish. So now, when Riley finds a penny on the street, he picks it up, cups it with eyes closed, makes his wish, then throws it down again. Have I said lately how much that kid cracks me up?


Snap said...

We pick up pennies, too. I don't any of ours have been packaged!

sherry lee said...

Never found any "packaged" money but it certainly makes you curious about "what" it could mean. Perhaps it was a child's and the child dropped it from a stroller? Whatever -- it was meant for you to find.

I laughed at your son picking up and throwing down've taught him about the fountains and ponds in the malls...and it just shows us how children learn from us by watching, learning and doing. A sweet story. Made me happy!